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Freedom in Education, organized by the civic Institut in Praha, 19. August 1993

Do you remember my name? We have been at the conference on Roads to Freedom in Education, organized by the civic Institut in Praha at the beginning of june! During one lunch-break we discussed TCI as a system or rather a way to work in a democratic, open and yet goal-oriented way with groups.

After I returned to Switzerland, I contacted several people to find out, whether anybody has yet offered TCI-courses in the Czech Republic. Then I waited for some papers a woman had promised to send to me (papers about TCI) and then I just completely forgot about it! Today I suddenly come across the directory of the TCI-International-Seminars, which my father has given to me as one potentially useful source of information!... I tell you, I am really sorry, to not have written you sooner! - Especially after you have missed half an afternoon of our conference, to get some Oblaten for my friend Renzo (who was very happy with them!)!

After so many weeks, I don't clearly remember all the details, people told me to tell you. But here is what I could find out:


My friend Franc Wolff said, that from what I told him, working with NEMES-people for maybe 5 days on the topic of group-leadership would be something that he would very much enjoy doing. He speaks english, french and German and has a lot of TCI and other group-work experience as well as experience with teaching and with multicultural situations. What he suggested was a seminar for people who would then go into there schools or communities to "teach" there, what they've experienced in the seminar. He also suggested to do the seminar together with me, for we have occasionally worked together during these last few years. So there's a poosibility to get more familiar with TCI not by reading or talking about it, but by experiencing it, while we'd work on the theme of "how can I lead a group in a democratic way". If you'd like to work with us, we'd have to talk in more detail about your needs, possible dates, money etc.


I have been told, that

Mrs. Brigitte has already given some TCI-seminars in the Czech Republic. She might therefor be a person, you should get in tuch with. (I don't know her at all).


The Group of National Representatives of WILL - WILL stands for "Workshop Institut for Living Learning" and is the name of the organisation, which organizes TCI-Semiars and trainings - try to help establish TCI-trainings in countries, where TCI is not yet known.

Mrs. Hildegard Biedermann

Rehalpstr. 37

CH-8008 Záárich

Phone: 0041/1 422 92 69

is the Swiss delegate to the Group of National Representatives. I have talked with her about our conversation in Praha and about your needs and interests. She would be very willing to help you establish connections with WILL and discuss meaningful steps to familiarize you with TCI.

Well, dear Jan, that's about all I could find out! I am very sorry, I took so long, answering your demand!

I thank you again - also in the name of my friend Renzo! - for the delicious Oblaten and I hope to hear from you one of these days!

Until then I hope everything is going well for you!